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The Prince And The Wedding Planner

“I have read a few of Jennifer’s books and have enjoyed this one. . .  Overall, it was a quick read and I can’t wait to read the rest of the novels.” Two Points of Interest

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Back Cover Blurb:

When different worlds collide…
…sparks fly!

With her family name on the line, wedding planner Bianca Bartolini needs this royal wedding to go perfectly—she can’t afford distractions. Too bad the bride’s dashing brother has other plans! Duty-bound Crown Prince Leo has mere weeks to announce his own engagement, but none of the candidates measure up to Bianca. They’re the most unlikely match, but might that just make them perfect for one another?

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Crown Prince Leopold stood in the lush garden of an Italian villa. He was surrounded by a group of lavishly dressed people. They all wanted a word with him. Why did he think coming to Tuscany would be any different than attending a social occasion in his homeland?

But in that moment, everyone’s attention gravitated from him to a woman who’d joined their group. Her bold makeup and flamboyant hot pink outfit matched her personality. He was grateful the woman enjoyed being the center of attention. All he wanted to be was just another person in the crowd. What was it about people always wanting what they didn’t have?

Just as his sister, the Princess of Patazonia, wanted a wedding that reflected her personality instead of a traditional royal wedding. But the queen insisted that tradition must rule above all else. Just as his father had said to him, right before he died:

Traditions are the bedrock of this kingdom.

Leo gave himself a mental shake. Now wasn’t the time to get caught in the past—in the regrets—in the what-ifs.

Right now, he had his hands full with his feuding mother and sister. The battles between the two headstrong women was a daily occurrence. So when he was invited to this wedding of a childhood friend, he’d ordered up the family jet. Since he was of no help back at the palace, he figured he might as well wish his friend the very best.

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