Release date February 2024

The Runaway Bride's Vow

A grumpy contractor upends the wedding planner’s life…

With hopes of gaining a promotion, Brooke Campbell is all smiles as she temporarily takes charge of the Perky Pink Wedding Planner Co. She’s not only overseeing plans for her boss’s wedding, but supervising the renovations of the Seabreeze Wedding Chapel. On her way to her first meeting with the contractor, she stops at her favorite coffee shop. A strikingly handsome firefighter and part-time contractor, Logan Montgomery, reaches for the same cup of coffee as her. When his touch startles her, the coffee spills, and his forbidding frown is aimed at her. Maybe some would assume it would be a sweet meet-cute, much like a frothy, creamy, whipped coffee, but for these two their first meet is more like a pot of day-old coffee that not even a heap of sugar packets and a dose of creamer can help. Just wait until they find out they are working together… Oh my!

Release date April 2024

A Lighthouse Snapshot

(The Turner Family of Bluestar Island, book 4)

Coming soon:

When Lainey and Jack's lives collide, they end up seeing the world in a new way.

The Bride's Antique Ring

Release date June 2024

The Bride's Antique Ring

The fourth and final book in the Seabreeze Wedding Chapel series!

Join bridesmaid, Selena Blakely and best man, Dylan Adler as they get caught up in an epic search for a missing wedding band. It’s a journey that will change both of their lives...

And in the process, they might find a forever love.