Releases tomorrow…BOUND BY A RING AND A SECRET by Jennifer Faye… #giveaway #Excerpt #books #romance #readers #amreading

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Releases tomorrow…

Bound by a Ring & a Secret!


A mistaken identity…
…a proposal that changes everything!


Photographer Gianna is done with men. Retreating to her villa on the shore of Lake Como, Gianna is stunned to find gorgeous Dario renting her house! When Dario is mistaken for her long-gone fiancé, they realize a fake engagement could solve problems for them both. Pretending to be in love should be easy, but what happens when very real feelings start to grow?


EXCERPT / Chapter One – Part 4

Her grip on her luggage handle tightened. Her body tensed. She stared at the dog. He stared back at her. Then, drawing on the knowledge of animals she’d gained from working on nature documentaries, she averted her gaze ever so slightly. She didn’t want the dog to misinterpret her staring at him as a sign of aggression.

She searched her memory and was certain she’d never seen this dog before. She wasn’t sure if he was friendly or not. But they couldn’t just stand here trying not to stare at each other.

“Hi, boy.” She forced a smile.

His tail swished back and forth. That was a good sign.

The dog approached her. Gianna wasn’t sure what she should do, so she did nothing. Her heart continued to pound. As he drew nearer, her palms grew moist. He could probably sense her nervousness from a mile away. And yet his tail kept wagging as he grew closer.

And then he stopped in front of her. He sat down and gazed up at her. It was then that she noticed he had the kindest big brown eyes. She held out her hand to him and his dark nose sniffed it. She proceeded to run her hand over his head. He rubbed against her hand before dancing around in a circle.

It appeared they’d become fast friends. She breathed a sigh of relief. He might be rather big in size but she sensed by his bright eyes and his playful behavior that he wasn’t very old.

“Hi, buddy. What are you doing out here?” And then she realized how silly it was asking a dog a question. It wasn’t like he could answer her. But it seemed wrong not to speak to him, like she was ignoring him or something. “Do you have a collar?”

She knelt down and continued petting him. There was a depression in his fur as though he normally wore a collar, but there wasn’t one there now. Strange.


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    Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “Bound by a Ring & a Secret” which most definitely is on my TBR list.

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