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Tomorrow Rising Star releases! So excited. 😀
Did you get your copy yet?

I hope so. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Emma and Noah’s journey.


Back Cover Blurb:

When Bluestar’s hometown celebrity unexpectedly returns to the island, there’s a heartbreaking scandal following her…

Country singer Emma Bell is finally making headlines—just not the right ones. Before she has time to heal her broken heart, her assistance is desperately needed. Bluestar’s Concert on the Beach Summer Spectacular is in trouble, and her soon-to-be sister-in-law’s job is on the line.

Financial investor turned carpenter, Noah Sullivan, has retired from his high-stress job due to health issues. He’s moved to Bluestar Island for a quiet, healthy life, but when Emma blows into town, his days are anything but serene.

Everyone in the small town counting on them, Noah and Emma must work past their conflicts to keep a promise to someone special to both of them. Will the summer’s sun soothe their tension and the sea breeze lull them into a peaceful surrender of their hearts?

Includes a recipe for Emma’s Heavenly Angel Food Cake!

The Bell Family of Bluestar Island series:
Book 1 – Love Blooms (Hannah & Ethan)
Book 2 – Harvest Dance (Aster & Sam)
Book 3 – A Lighthouse Café Christmas (Darla & Will)
Book 4 – Rising Star (Emma & Noah)
Book 5 – Summer by the Beach (Summer & Greg)

EXCERPT / Part 5

Emma smashed her feet into her cowboy boots, grabbed her bag, gave the room one last glance to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything, and then headed for the door.

On her way to the airport shuttle, other guests of the hotel pointed at her. Luckily, she couldn’t hear what they were saying, but when they pulled out their phones and started taking pictures, she lowered her sunglasses as she ducked her head.

When she stepped onto the shuttle bus for the airport, she spotted her lead guitar player. He was wearing a ball cap. She stopped next to him. “You wouldn’t happen to have an extra hat, would you?”

He looked at her with sympathy in his eyes. “No. But here.” He pulled off the cap and held it out to her. “I think you need it more than I do.”

She wanted to argue with him but couldn’t. She accepted the cap. “Thank you.”

Emma pulled the cap down over her head and sank down into the first empty seat. She turned her face to the window and was relieved to see the people who’d been filming her had moved on. She should be excited to finally be heading back to Nashville. But it wasn’t like there was anyone waiting at home for her, not even a dog or cat or even a houseplant.

When she’d first moved to Nashville, she’d been terribly homesick and still mourning the untimely death of her father, but she thought with some time that she’d settle in, and it’d be like home to her. And though the city was familiar to her, and she had made friends there, it just wasn’t home—not like Bluestar.


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