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IT STARTED WITH A ROYAL KISS has just released!!!


 Escape to Greece in this heartwarming royal story

by Jennifer Faye,

the latest in her Greek Paradise Escape trilogy…

An extraordinary kiss…

…will transform her ordinary life!

While artist Indigo is painting a formal portrait of Prince Istvan of Rydiania, her buttoned-up emotions are derailed when they share an unexpected kiss! After Istvan’s family ruined her father, Indigo was warned never to trust a Rydianian royal. But even though her head tells her they shouldn’t take this any further, Indigo sees something unique in Istvan. Putting her heart on the line, she knows he’s worth trusting…with her future!


What readers are saying about GREEK HEIR TO CLAIM HER HEART:

“I loved the plot, the heated romance, and a superb happy ever after.” Goodreads reviewer

“This book has it all: a Prince, an artist with a HUGE heart, a gorgeous Greek setting and a puppy in need. Bookbub reviewer


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Greek Paradise Escape trilogy
Travel from the comfort of your armchair with Jennifer Faye’s brand-new trilogy!
Nestled on a private Greek island, the exclusive Ludus Resort is the perfect escape for the rich and famous. But to the staff who work there, it’s home.
Manager Hermione’s job has been a lifeline since losing her home and family, so when new owner Atlas plans to sell, sparks fly between them!
Beach artist Indigo is new to the resort and has already caught the eye of one of its VIP guests, the Prince of Rydiania…
Concierge Adara spends her days fulfilling guests’ wishes. Might it be time her own romantic dreams came true?
Make your escape to beautiful Ludus in
And continue your journey with Indigo’s romance in
and finally Adara’s story in

EXCERPT / Part 2:

She forced herself to concentrate on her work. Her art was what had gotten her through the tough times in her life, from her father’s sudden death to her mother’s collapse. Whereas some people lived charmed lives—Prince Istvan’s handsome image came to mind—other people were not so fortunate. She didn’t let the challenges stop her from striving for something better—from believing if she just kept trying, good things were awaiting her.

Minutes later, she finished the young girl’s caricature and gently unclipped the paper from her easel. She handed it over to the mother, who didn’t smile as she examined Indigo’s work. She then held it out to her nine-year-old daughter and asked her opinion. The girl’s eyes widened as a big smile puffed up her cheeks. And that was all Indigo needed to make her day. After all, it was as her father used to say: it’s the small things in life where you find the greatest reward.

“Wait until I show my friends.”

“Now what do you say?” the mother prompted.

The girl turned her attention to Indigo. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” In that moment, it didn’t matter that Indigo was doing fun sketches instead of grand works of art. The only thing that mattered was that she’d brought some happiness to this girl’s life.

“May I see it?” a male voice asked.

Indigo turned her head, and once again, she was caught off guard by the handsome prince. Her heart started to pitter-patter as she stared at him. What were the chances of them accidentally running into each other again?

“Oh.” The mother’s hand flew to her chest. “Your Highness.” The woman did a deep curtsy.

The young girl’s eyes filled with confusion as her gaze moved between her mother and Prince Istvan. Then her mother gestured for her to do the same thing. While the girl did a semi curtsy, Indigo sat by and took in the scene.

Was the prince here to see the mother? Did they have some sort of business together? Because there was absolutely no way he was there to see her. Not a chance. The royals and the Castellanos no longer intermingled—by royal decree. The reminder set Indigo’s back teeth grinding together.

The prince turned in her direction. His eyes widened in surprise. Was it because he wasn’t expecting to run into her again so soon? Or was it that she wasn’t falling all over herself in front of him doing a curtsy? She refused to bow to him.

She should say something, but her mouth had gone dry. Words lodged in the back of her throat. And her heart was beating out of control. What was wrong with her?

The prince turned his attention back to the drawing. “It’s fabulous. And who would the pretty young woman in the drawing be?”

“That’s me,” the girl said proudly.

The prince made a big deal of holding the sketch up next to the young girl, and then his dark brows drew together as his gaze moved between her and the drawing. “So it is. You’re lucky to have such a lovely sketch.” He returned the paper to the girl. “Enjoy your day.”

The mother and daughter curtsied again. Then the mother reached in her bright orange-and-white beach bag. She withdrew her phone. With the consent of the prince, she took a selfie with him. Though the prince smiled for the picture, Indigo noticed how the smile did not go the whole way to his blue eyes.

After the woman repeatedly thanked him, she turned to Indigo. “How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing,” Indigo said. “It’s a courtesy of the resort.”

“Oh.” She dropped her phone in her bag. “Thank you.” And then her attention returned to the prince. She curtsied again.

Indigo wondered if she’d looked that ridiculous the other day when she’d first met the prince. She hoped not. But she had been totally caught off guard.

She expected him to move on, but he didn’t. His attention turned to her. “And so we meet again.”

She swallowed hard. “Your Highness.”

Quite honestly, she didn’t know what to say to him. He certainly didn’t want to hear anything she had to say about him or his family—about how they were cold and uncaring about whom they hurt in the name of the crown. No, it was best not to go there. She didn’t think her boss would approve of her vocalizing her true feelings about the prince’s family.

She glanced down at the blank page in front of her. She could feel the prince’s gaze upon her. What was he thinking? Did he recognize her?

Impossible. She’d only been a very young child when her family had fled Rydiania. Back then she’d been scared and confused. She’d had no idea why they were leaving their home and everything they’d ever known to move to Greece—a land that she’d never visited, filled with people she did not know.

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