#Giveaway ~ It’s an Open House Party!!!🎈

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Welcome to my brand new cyber-home!😊 *shakes hand*

Please have a look around. Help yourself to the table of hors d’oeuvres. The bacon-wrapped jalapeño peppers are a party of flavor. There’s also some dreamy pinwheels, stuffed mushroom caps🍄, roasted parmesan garlic shrimp🦐 and so much more. They are so good! And don’t forget to grab yourself a flute of bubbly. 🥂 After all, this is a party. 🎉

I’m thrilled to have you stop by. This brand new website is the product of years of wishing and months of work. My web designed did an amazing job of taking my vision and making it a reality. This website has all of the bells and whistles plus room for us to expand. *rubs hands anxiously together*

NOTE: to see all of the graphics on the website, you’ll need to view it via a laptop or desktop. 😉

Please take a look around. There is new stuff including a printable booklist as well as heat factors. I only write sweet romance but within that there are even more degrees. So…my books are clearly marked on their respective book pages as sweet (closed door love scene) or clean & wholesome romance. In addition, there are sweet and clean & wholesome book pages on my bookshelf so you can see all of the titles at a glance. So if that is something that’s important to you, I hope this helps.

And there are still the older things from my call story to freebies as well as my Hearts & Scribbles blog.

This is just the beginning of what I have planned for 2021/2022. So stayed tuned to this blog. There will be more news coming.🙃

Now what would a party be without prizes. Keep reading and have fun.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!



Giveaway includes: $20 Amazon Gift Card, Kate Spade mug, Autographed Whistle Stop series, candy and more…



There’s no mandatory entry.

However, you’ll have to select at least one thing on the Rafflecopter.

Remember, the more you do, the more chances you have to win…

By participating in the giveaway you are agreeing to all of the rules and regulations of this promotion. The giveaway is open to legal residents of their respective countries and is void if prohibited by law.

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.


Winners will have 48 hours to respond


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45 Responses

  1. Sandra

    The new website looks great. So colorful and easy to navigate. Congrats!

  2. Yvonne Cruz

    Like the new look of the website. Easy to follow and oh, can’t wait for the new series, Weddings at Lake Como. Been there and it’s gorgeous

    • Jennifer Faye

      Hi Yvonne!😊 So glad you like the site. And yes, the Wedding Bells at Lake Como duet will be here in no time. So glad you like the setting. It was a lot of fun to write about.

  3. Kay Garrett

    Love the new look! All your hard work has really paid off. It’s super easy to find what you are looking for and a great way to explore things like posts, books, and contest.

  4. barb g

    Glad you got a website! I’d add a giveaway tag to the menu bar so we can find them quickly when we want to. So glad there is candy thanks.

    • Jennifer Faye

      Hi Barb! 😊 There is a giveaway tag. It’s on the right-hand column (if you’re using a laptop/computer) under Categories. Hope that helps.

  5. Christy Maurer

    I love the new site! It’s so easy to navigate. If it were me, I’d make the categories on the sidebar a drop down box, so that your search box is up higher on the page.

    • Jennifer Faye

      Thank you, Christy! 😊 Good suggestion. I’ll mention it to my designer and see what she thinks.

  6. Jen

    I love how easy it is to find things on your website and is it super cute.

  7. Audrey

    Favorite part of the website . . . is the Bookshelf! 🙂 Congratulations on the new design!

  8. Tina R

    Congratulations on the new website! It’s very colorful and easy to navigate.

  9. Jennifer H.

    I don’t know what I would add, but I really love the colors! It feels so uplifting and cheerful.

  10. Kim

    I love the brightness of the website. Plus, I don’t know if you had excerpts on the site before, but I love that. It gives me a chance to see if I really want to read a book.

    • Jennifer Faye

      Thanks Kim! 😊 So glad you like the excerpts. They are fun. Happy reading!

  11. Latifa Morrisette

    I love the new website. I wouldn’t add a thing. It’s perfect.

  12. Ellen C,

    The print is nice and crisp and I love the colors. I’ll have to explore more to see if there is anything more you need. Congratulations on the new website.

  13. Rachel

    I like the clean look of the new website! I wish it was a bit more mobile friendly but it looks nice.

    • Jennifer Faye

      Hi Rachel! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. What parts didn’t you find to be mobile friendly?

  14. Peggy Clayton

    Love your website friend and have a wonderful and relaxing
    Easter I get covid shot #2 on the 3rd 4-3-21 not sure if a good idea but dr is saying go for it even though I am sick so I am and I guess a perfect time to go and have me clear for my 66th birthday on the 28th of this month! Take care and congrats so proud of you.

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