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Happy release day!!!
Today Sam and Aster’s story is available.😀
I hope you’ll join them as they figure out their sometimes sweet, sometimes stormy path forward.


Here’s some of what readers are saying about HARVEST DANCE:

“This was a beautiful, touching story of hope, courage, and love.”

“I just finished the book and of course, I loved it. This series is one of your best 🙂 “

“Loved this story! The character are strong individuals who have fears and doubts, as life throws obstacles in their way. The story line is wonderful as this small town works together to help Sam as well as Aster.”

“This is a story about family, hope, trust, a caring town, and taking a second chance in love and life. A wonderful addition to this series, and one of the author’s best stories.”


And if you haven’t visited Bluestar Island yet, make sure you grab a copy of the first book in the series, Love Blooms.


Make sure and grab yourself a copy:



Back Cover Blurb:

A single dad, who’s in over his head, and an event planner running from her past, are drawn together on charming Bluestar Island by a determined seven-year-old and her escape-artist goat.
Event planner, Charlotte “Aster” Smith, has fled the only life she has ever known. The situation has left her questioning her own judgment as she cautiously tries to create a new life for herself on Bluestar Island. Taking the job of event coordinator for the small town is a step in the right direction. The only problem is it’s currently a part-time position, but the mayor suggests with additional funding the position could transform into a full-time job. In the meantime, she needs a second job in order to stay financially afloat.
Farmer and single father, Sam Bell, is struggling to keep his aging farm from going bankrupt while raising his young daughter. And now that his daughter’s babysitter is heading off to college, he needs help. So when he finds Aster is in need of work, he thinks his problems are solved. But things aren’t always what they seem. And he can’t help wondering what Aster is keeping from him.
In the lingering rays of a Bluestar Island sunset, Sam and Aster find themselves dancing upon the sand. As they help each other heal, the possibility of a future together becomes tangible. But will the ghosts from their pasts extinguish this budding romance?
Includes a delicious recipe for Aster’s Amazing Apple Cobbler!

EXCERPT / Part 8

“What about the cart?”
He rubbed his hands on his faded jeans. “Just a lose wire, but you may want to let Tony know that he should take it to the shop to have someone go over it.”
Hope swelled in her chest. “So, it’s all good? Nothing serious?”
“It’s fine. You can drive it now.”
A smile pulled at her lips. “Thank you. How can I repay you?”
He lifted his blue-and-white ball cap and raked his fingers through his short, blondish-brown hair before replacing it on his head. “How about moving it so I can get out of this parking spot?”
“Oh. Yes. I will.” She started into the street. She paused and glanced back. “Thank you again.”
For a moment, he didn’t say anything. Then he sighed. “You’re welcome.”
As she drove away, she couldn’t help but regret that she hadn’t gotten the man’s name. She told herself she was trying to learn the names of all of Bluestar’s residents and that learning his name was no big deal.
But she knew that wasn’t the whole truth. There was something special about that mystery man. She was curious to know what had caused the wounded look in his eyes. That was exactly why she planned to stay as far away from him as possible.


Her first day of work was over.
Aster had to admit, if only to herself, that it had been a lot harder than she’d been imagining. City Hall had some written procedures but not many. And the reason for doing certain tasks was stated to her as: because that’s the way it’s always been done. Which was absolutely no help to her.
Right now, she did not have a designated position. She got the distinct impression the mayor had taken her on as a big favor because Darla was his cousin. Aster felt bad about the imposition and knew she had to work extra hard to show the mayor that he hadn’t made a mistake by hiring her.
“Are you still here?” The mayor came to a stop in front of her desk that was a makeshift office area in an alcove in the upstairs hallway. Not ideal but it would do for the moment.
She craned her neck to stare at him. The mayor was dressed in navy-blue pants. A blue-and-white-striped shirt was completed with a blue bow tie.
His bronze face lifted into a smile that made his blue eyes twinkle. His dark-brown hair was trimmed very short. Everything about him said he cared about appearances. Having left most of her business attire in L.A., she’d have to splurge on some new clothes.
He looked at her expectantly, and she recalled his inquiry about her still being at the office. “Ah, yes. I just finished reviewing the town’s calendar for the remainder of the year. I’m trying to get on top of things.” She still felt awkward about his golf cart breaking down earlier and that grumpy man having to help her out. “I’m really sorry about your golf cart—”
He waved away her worry. “You have nothing to be sorry about. I should have had it looked at a while ago. In fact, it’s in the garage as we speak.” His gaze moved over her desk where she’d been researching the island. “I like that you’re a go-getter. I am too. But it’s after five now, and your day ended at noon. I wish I could pay you for a full day—”
“It’s okay. I understand. I’m just grateful for this opportunity.” She signed off of her computer and gathered her things.
“We’re grateful to have you. You never know what the future holds. I have plans for Bluestar and you could be a part of them.”
She stood and pushed in her chair. They started to walk toward the grand staircase. This city hall wasn’t just a boring block building. It was situated in an enormous historic mansion that had belonged to one of the island’s founders. It had been kept up over the years and was in immaculate shape.
“I’m looking forward to a future here,” she said.
“That’s good because I have a special project for you.” He started down the wide wooden steps with a burgundy floral runner.
“Oh. What’s that?” She hoped it was something exciting.
“I would like you to lend a hand to a dear friend of mine, Ms. Birdie Neill. It’s not exactly city business, so this would fall under the heading of special projects that I’d previously discussed with you.”
She nodded. He wanted to help the community with more than just the things approved by city council. It was more of an outreach project where the mayor helped citizens with their own community affairs.
She liked the idea. “I’d be happy to help.”
He smiled. “That’s good. It’s a fundraiser for one of Bluestar’s residents. It’s all rather top-secret at the moment. But if you stop by Birdie’s house tomorrow morning, she’ll let you know what needs done.”


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