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Welcome to the final Sneak Peek Saturday for HARVEST DANCE!😀
And that’s because HARVEST DANCE releases this coming Tuesday.
Did you pre-order your copy?
Here’s what one reader said about the book:

“I just finished the book and of course, I loved it. This series is one of your best 🙂 “

If you haven’t visited Bluestar Island yet, make sure you grab a copy of Love Blooms.


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Back Cover Blurb:

A single dad, who’s in over his head, and an event planner running from her past, are drawn together on charming Bluestar Island by a determined seven-year-old and her escape-artist goat.
Event planner, Charlotte “Aster” Smith, has fled the only life she has ever known. The situation has left her questioning her own judgment as she cautiously tries to create a new life for herself on Bluestar Island. Taking the job of event coordinator for the small town is a step in the right direction. The only problem is it’s currently a part-time position, but the mayor suggests with additional funding the position could transform into a full-time job. In the meantime, she needs a second job in order to stay financially afloat.
Farmer and single father, Sam Bell, is struggling to keep his aging farm from going bankrupt while raising his young daughter. And now that his daughter’s babysitter is heading off to college, he needs help. So when he finds Aster is in need of work, he thinks his problems are solved. But things aren’t always what they seem. And he can’t help wondering what Aster is keeping from him.
In the lingering rays of a Bluestar Island sunset, Sam and Aster find themselves dancing upon the sand. As they help each other heal, the possibility of a future together becomes tangible. But will the ghosts from their pasts extinguish this budding romance?
Includes a delicious recipe for Aster’s Amazing Apple Cobbler!

Bluestar Island series:
Book 1 – Love Blooms (Hannah & Ethan)
Book 2 – Harvest Dance (Aster & Sam)

Book 3 – coming soon!

EXCERPT / Part 7

In his eyes she saw pain—a deep pain—the kind you didn’t talk about. She noticed the same thing about herself when she looked in the mirror. Sympathy welled up within her. She didn’t know what he’d been through, but having been through her own trauma, she understood this stranger a little better.
The sound of approaching voices broke the time continuum, and suddenly everything sped up. The rush of it all swept the air from her lungs. Had that really happened? Or had she imagined it all?
“Are you okay?” The tone of his voice had suddenly changed to one of concern.
She nodded. “I am. My foot just got caught when I stepped out of the cart.”
He let go of her, and suddenly the skin where he’d once been touching her felt chilled. She resisted the urge to rub her hands.
As curious onlookers ventured closer to find out the problem, Aster got pushed back toward the sidewalk. And that was fine with her. In fact, it was for the best. Because her reaction to this man’s nearness had shaken her to the core.
It didn’t matter how good-looking he was, how dreamy his baby blues were, or how his crusty exterior was a little bit of a turn on; she was not at all interested in getting involved with anyone. Not a chance. Not after what had happened to her in California. Just the scant thought of Oz left a sour feeling in the pit of her stomach.
The last she’d heard, they’d plea-bargained his case down to simple assault. Simple assault, really? It hadn’t felt so simple to her.
There was no trial. No one would hear her harrowing tale or see the scars she had to live with for the rest of her life. The thought that no one seemed to care what he’d done to her—what he’d do to the next unsuspecting women—made her sick.
His sentence had been knocked down to a year of house arrest. Soon he’d be free, but she was gone and she hadn’t left a trail. He was never going to find her on this small island. She hoped.
She shoved away the dark, troubling thoughts. They did not belong there on this sunny, carefree island. Bluestar was like a world unto its own. She glanced around, finding the crowd of onlookers had dispersed. She breathed a little easier.


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