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The Bartolini Legacy

A secret, an inheritance, a journey to happy-ever-after!

A diary…

After their parents’ sudden deaths, the Bartolini siblings Bianca, Gia and Enzo return home to Tuscany and discover one of them is illegitimate!

A will…

As they’re reeling from the bombshell, the will is read. The luxury family estate will be left to the sibling who can generate the greatest income.

A summer to remember…

While they wait for the DNA test results, each sibling embarks on their own vision for the vineyard’s future. They have six months that will take them on a journey of self-discovery and finding love along the way…

Read Bianca’s story in The Prince and the Wedding Planner

Discover Gia’s story in The CEO, the Puppy and Me

And Read Enzo’s Story In The Dramatic Conclusion…

The Italian’s Unexpected Heir



Back Cover Blurb:

Her baby surprise proves…

…that one night will never be enough!

Reeling from the secrets that have torn his heritage apart, Enzo Bartolini is set on selling his family’s Tuscan vineyard and trying to forget the impulsive, dazzling night he and best friend Sylvie shared in Paris. While the sale moves forward, the thrilling awareness between him and Sylvie is harder to move past…especially when she upends Enzo’s world by revealing she’s carrying his baby!

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EXCERPT / Prologue – Part 11


Her heart pitter-pattered.

Her breathing was soft and shallow.

Sylvie felt as though she was having an out-of-body experience. Maybe that was what she needed to tell herself in that moment to give her the courage to reach out to Enzo. Her hand cupped his freshly shaved cheek.

If she didn’t do this now and quickly, she knew she would lose her courage. And though she’d been thinking about this for the longest time, if she didn’t act now, she would never fulfill her wish. And the one thing she’d learned in her short life is that you had to grasp the happy moments because they were fleeting and few.

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