“For tonight, she wanted to be just a face in the crowd.” #Excerpt ~ HEIRESS’S ROYAL BABY BOMBSHELL by Jennifer Faye…  #books #readers #ChristmasInJuly #amreading #romance #royal

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One-night miracle…
For the Crown Prince!

In this The Cattaneos’ Christmas Miracles story, rebel royal Max believes his infertility has cost him the throne — until heiress Noemi reveals she’s carrying his baby! And with his country’s future at stake, Max must claim his heir! Noemi is hesitant and fiercely protective of their unborn baby, but at his snow-covered palace can Max offer her the most precious Christmas gift ever — the chance to become a family…

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There was something slightly familiar about him. Not one to keep up with gossip or who to know, Noemi couldn’t place him. But if he was at this exclusive gathering, he must be someone important.

She glanced around the room but didn’t see any sign of him. Disappointment assailed her. This wasn’t like her. She could take guys or leave them. She thought of asking Stephania if she knew the man’s name but shrugged off the idea. Her life had enough complications. She didn’t need more.

But just the same, her mood had dimmed. Her problems once again started to crowd in around the edges of her mind. Needing some fresh air, she stepped out onto the terrace. There was just enough of the evening sun for her to admire the distant mountain range as a gentle breeze caressed her skin.


The deep rich voice had her turning her head. And there stood the intriguing stranger with the mesmerizing eyes. His voice held a slight accent. She couldn’t place it, but it was extremely sexy—just like the rest of him.

“I’m sorry. Am I disturbing you?” She glanced around for his harem of women, but he appeared to at last be alone—with her.

“Not at all. Please join me.” He motioned for her to join him at the edge of the terrace.

She stepped closer but not quite the whole way. “You were admiring the mountains, too?”

He sent her a puzzled look.

“When I stepped out here, you said beautiful. I assumed you were referring to the view.”

He smiled and shook his head. “No. I was talking about you. You are beautiful.”

She’d been complimented many times over the years. Being the face of Cattaneo Jewels, compliments came with the job. But the man looked at her as though he wanted to take her in his very capable arms and devour her with hungry kisses. The heat of a blush engulfed her cheeks.

“Thank you.”

The warm August evening was no help in cooling her down. She knew it was polite to make small conversation, but for once, her mind was a blank. This man didn’t seem to know who she was, and for the moment, she found that to be a welcome relief. She didn’t want him to treat her differently. For tonight, she wanted to be just a face in the crowd.

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