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Discover that warm, cozy holiday feeling with HER CHRISTMAS PREGNANCY SURPRISE and HEIRESS’S ROYAL BABY BOMBSHELL for only $1.99 each (50% off) today on Amazon!

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Her Christmas Pregnancy Surprise.png

Her Christmas Pregnancy Surprisehttps://amzn.to/33F77FW

A festive reunion…with an unexpected gift!

When Pepper Kane’s home and bakery are burned down in the weeks before Christmas, billionaire CEO Simon Ross—the man she spent one unforgettable night with—comes to the rescue! Pepper knows this playboy doesn’t do relationships, but staying with him in his penthouse and caring for an abandoned puppy, their spark is rekindled… And then comes a festive surprise that shocks them both: she’s carrying his baby!


Heiress's Royal Baby Bombshell.png

Heiress’s Royal Baby Bombshellhttps://amzn.to/3mIJfZw

One-night miracle…For the Crown Prince!

In this The Cattaneos’ Christmas Miracles story, rebel royal Max believes his infertility has cost him the throne — until heiress Noemi reveals she’s carrying his baby! And with his country’s future at stake, Max must claim his heir! Noemi is hesitant and fiercely protective of their unborn baby, but at his snow-covered palace can Max offer her the most precious Christmas gift ever — the chance to become a family…

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