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Happy Sneak Peek Saturday! 🙃

The Bartolini Legacy

A secret, an inheritance, a journey to happy-ever-after!

A diary…

After their parents’ sudden deaths,

the Bartolini siblings Bianca, Gia and Enzo return home to Tuscany

and discover one of them is illegitimate!

A will…

As they’re reeling from the bombshell, the will is read.

The luxury family estate will be left to the sibling

who can generate the greatest income.

A summer to remember…

While they wait for the DNA test results,

each sibling embarks on their own vision for the vineyard’s future.

They have six months that will take them on a journey

of self-discovery and finding love along the way…

Read Bianca’s story in The Prince and the Wedding Planner

Discover Gia’s story in The CEO, the Puppy and Me

And look out for Enzo’s story Coming soon!



 Back Cover Blurb:

Has the search for her past…guided her toward her future?

Gia Bartolini’s determinedly searching for her real father. First stop on the enchanting Italian island of Lapri? A mysterious abandoned mansion…where, rescuing a trapped puppy, she falls straight into the arms of alluring Riccardo Moretti! Her passion for the all-business CEO burns bright, leaving Gia with a question: In uncovering her true roots, has fate led her to true love?

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EXCERPT / Chapter 1 – Part 1

This was it.

The moment Gia Bartolini and her two siblings, Enzo and Bianca, had been waiting for.

And yet this was also the moment they’d been dreading.

On this sunny June day, their lives were about to be once more upended. And worst of all, it could be any one of them who received the devastating news—that they were not a Bartolini.

After their parents had unexpectedly died in an auto accident a few months earlier, their lives had never been the same. Her older sister, Bianca, had found their mother’s journal, which contained a secret—a big secret, a huge secret. Their mother had had an affair years ago, and one of the siblings wasn’t a true Bartolini.

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