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Wedding Bells at Lake Como

The perfect destination for love!

Italy’s picturesque Lake Como is the perfect destination for love, except the path to happy-ever-after isn’t always smooth…

Cousins Gianna and Carla aren’t looking for romance. Gianna’s nursing a broken heart and Carla’s wed to the family business. Until charismatic brothers Dario and Franco arrive on Lake Como’s stunning shores…and sweep them off their feet!

Find out what happens when a case of mistaken identity leads to a fake engagement in

Bound by a Ring and a Secret

Available now!

And look out for Carla and Franco’s story in…

Falling for Her Convenient Groom

Coming in September!

Bound by a Ring and a Secret

Back Cover Blurb:

A mistaken identity…
…a proposal that changes everything!

Photographer Gianna is done with men. Retreating to her villa on the shore of Lake Como, Gianna is stunned to find gorgeous Dario renting her house! When Dario is mistaken for her long-gone fiancé, they realize a fake engagement could solve problems for them both. Pretending to be in love should be easy, but what happens when very real feelings start to grow?

Wedding Bells at Lake Como duet
Book 1 – Bound by a Ring and a Secret
Book 2 – Falling for Her Convenient Groom

EXCERPT / Chapter One – Part 1

Home again.

Gianna Cappellini didn’t smile.

Today, the usual euphoria of returning to the small Italian village of Gemma was lacking. Whereas her home was normally her sanctuary—a place to settle in and unwind—this time it felt different. She felt different.

As the hired car moved closer to her destination, she wrung her hands as she stared out the back-seat window. It was a sunny June day without a cloud in the sky. As picturesque Lake Como came into view, she merely sighed in relief.

Her gaze momentarily strayed to her still bare ring finger. Another romance had ended in disaster. Looking back, how could it have ended any other way? She’d wanted so badly to be loved that she’d tried to be someone she wasn’t.

It hadn’t always been that way. In the beginning, she and Naldo had rebounded into each other after messy breakups. Naldo had flirted with her and she’d fallen hard for his not-so-original lines. Things turned serious quickly as they talked about their future—him continuing to host his hit television show while she stayed in the background working the camera as she followed him around the world.

And then suddenly he dumped her. There hadn’t been so much as a warning or a conversation. Just a simple, I can’t do this anymore. It’s over. And then he’d refused to speak to her. The jerk!

Her rosy glasses fell away as reality bumped hard into her. And she didn’t like what she saw. She had been so busy being congenial—so agreeable—with everything he said or did that she barely recognized herself. How did she lose herself? What had happened to all the things that were important to her?

But all that was behind her now—for the most part. Tonight, she’d get to sleep in her own comfy bed. Oh, how she’d missed it. There would be no more restless nights in a tent—no more roughing it on uneven ground. She didn’t even want to think about all the other luxuries she’d done without in the past several weeks.

And come tomorrow, she’d figure out what came next.

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