It Started With a Royal Kiss

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It Started With A Royal Kiss

Escape to Greece in this heartwarming royal story by Jennifer Faye, the latest in her Greek Paradise Escape trilogy for Harlequin Romance.

An extraordinary kiss…will transform her ordinary life!

While artist Indigo is painting a formal portrait of Prince Istvan of Rydiania, her buttoned-up emotions are derailed when they share an unexpected kiss! After Istvan’s family ruined her father, Indigo was warned never to trust a Rydianian royal. But even though her head tells her they shouldn’t take this any further, Indigo sees something unique in Istvan. Putting her heart on the line, she knows he’s worth trusting…with her future!

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“This book left me wanting to be on a beach to read this one, AGAIN. Indi was a perfect opposite for Crown Prince Istvan. Each of their personalities were strong, powerful, and deeply rooted.”
~ Bookbub review

“This is one of those “sweet” and charming romance reads. It swept me away to Greece and I didn’t want to put the book down as often as I was forced to. I kept wandering back to it. Faye’s short chapters definitely keep the pace going without looking like she is rushing it along. The descriptive writing puts readers right there in the middle of the story so much that one can feel the breezes, smell the aromas, and see the landscapes.”
~ Goodreads review

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A genuine, sexy-as-all-get-out royal prince.

Indigo Castellanos swallowed hard. She couldn’t believe she’d come face-to-face with Prince Istvan of Rydiania. She didn’t want to be impressed—not at all—but she couldn’t deny being a little bit awed by his mesmerizing blue eyes and tanned face. Just the memory of his shirtless body sent her traitorous heart racing.

She never in a million years thought they’d actually meet. When she’d taken this artist position at the Ludus Resort, she’d known the prince had ties to the private island. Still, it was a large resort—big enough to avoid certain people. Sure, the royal regatta was going on, but she’d mistakenly thought the prince would be too busy to attend. And if he did make an appearance, he wouldn’t meander around the resort like some commoner.

And then, when she did meet him, she hadn’t said a word. If staring into his bottomless eyes hadn’t been bad enough, she’d been stunned into silence by his muscled chest and trim waist.

She gave herself a mental shake. None of that mattered. Not at all.

Nothing changed the fact that the prince came from the same family that had cast her father out of his homeland. But she didn’t have time to think of that now. Besides, she didn’t expect to see the prince again.

She perched on a stool beneath a great big red umbrella. Her bare, painted toes wiggled in the warm sand. She was so thankful for this job. It helped her care for her ailing mother. And she would do anything for her mother.

“Is she sitting in the right position?”

The woman’s voice drew Indigo from her thoughts. She focused on the mother and young daughter in front of her. The girl was seated on a stool. “Um, yes. Why?”

“Because you were frowning.” The mother didn’t look happy.

“So sorry. Your daughter is just perfect.” Indigo forced a reassuring smile to her lips. “The glare off the water is making it hard to see.”

Indigo shifted her position on the stool. She couldn’t afford to have her clients think she wasn’t happy or they wouldn’t continue to bring their children and family members to have her draw caricatures of them. And without the clients there would be no job—without a job, she wouldn’t be able to pay the mounting medical bills.

She forced herself to concentrate on her work. Her art was what had gotten her through the tough times in her life, from her father’s sudden death to her mother’s collapse. Whereas some people lived charmed lives—Prince Istvan’s handsome image came to mind—other people were not so fortunate. She didn’t let the challenges stop her from striving for something better—from believing if she just kept trying, good things were awaiting her.

Minutes later, she finished the young girl’s caricature and gently unclipped the paper from her easel. She handed it over to the mother, who didn’t smile as she examined Indigo’s work. She then held it out to her nine-year-old daughter and asked her opinion. The girl’s eyes widened as a big smile puffed up her cheeks. And that was all Indigo needed to make her day. After all, it was as her father used to say: it’s the small things in life where you find the greatest reward.

“Wait until I show my friends.”

“Now what do you say?” the mother prompted.

The girl turned her attention to Indigo. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” In that moment, it didn’t matter that Indigo was doing fun sketches instead of grand works of art. The only thing that mattered was that she’d brought some happiness to this girl’s life.

“May I see it?” a male voice asked.

Indigo turned her head, and once again, she was caught off guard by the handsome prince. Her heart started to pitter-patter as she stared at him. What were the chances of them accidentally running into each other again?

“Oh.” The mother’s hand flew to her chest. “Your Highness.” The woman did a deep curtsy.

The young girl’s eyes filled with confusion as her gaze moved between her mother and Prince Istvan. Then her mother gestured for her to do the same thing. While the girl did a semi curtsy, Indigo sat by and took in the scene.

Was the prince here to see the mother? Did they have some sort of business together? Because there was absolutely no way he was there to see her. Not a chance. The royals and the Castellanos no longer intermingled—by royal decree. The reminder set Indigo’s back teeth grinding together.

The prince turned in her direction. His eyes widened in surprise. Was it because he wasn’t expecting to run into her again so soon? Or was it that she wasn’t falling all over herself in front of him doing a curtsy? She refused to bow to him.

She should say something, but her mouth had gone dry. Words lodged in the back of her throat. And her heart was beating out of control. What was wrong with her?