The Accidentally Pregnant Princess

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His Accidentally Pregnant Princess

The CEO, his housekeeper…
and her double confession!

When CEO Antoine meets a stranger in need, he offers her work and refuge as his temporary housekeeper. Their mutual attraction is intensely distracting, yet Antoine knows he should resist the woman who’s lost her memory. But when they give in to their undeniable desire, Antoine is faced with shocking consequences… Because Cecelia is actually a princess—and now she’s accidentally pregnant!

HEAT LEVEL: Two Cupcakes closed door love scene

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HER PLAN WAS in motion…
With a totally new hair color and style, as well as the addition of big dark sunglasses, a blue ball cap and a casual wardrobe, Princess Cecilia of Rydiania had been transformed from a trendsetter to just another person in the crowd.
It was a tall order for sure. And that’s why she’d gone above and beyond any of her other prior disguises to the point of cutting off the signature, long golden-brown locks that she’d had all of her life. Her hair was now styled in a short, sleek, bleached-blond pageboy style. She had been very nervous about the stark change in her appearance, but it was slowly growing on her. The queen, on the other hand, would have a coronary the next time she saw her youngest daughter, but Cecelia would deal with that later.
On this early June morning, Cecelia waited in a small private airport. She lowered her sunglasses to look around. Not a soul was glancing in her direction. She breathed a bit easier.
She reached for her compact one more time. She snapped it open to inspect her appearance. Her friend had applied her heavy, dark eye makeup. Cecelia had never worn this much in her life. She was more inclined to wear a light layer in earth tones.
Her bulky costume jewelry had her looking like she was ready for a night of partying, which was quite the opposite of her plans. She’d paired it with faded jeans and a black strappy top she’d sewn herself on a sewing machine in her suite of rooms. Black wasn’t her favorite go-to color, but in this instance, she didn’t want to stand out. She wanted an outfit that would make her fade into the background.
She returned the compact to her purse and then withdrew her phone. She wasn’t so reckless as to disappear without leaving word with her family. The last thing her family needed was another scandal. Her brother had certainly turned the royal household on its head when he’d walked away from being heir to the throne.
In truth, she initially hadn’t believed the news. Istvan was a rule follower—a people pleaser. Or at least she’d thought so. It seemed there was more to her brother than she’d known. She applauded his ability to stand up for himself, but it was the fallout that had her and her sisters making daily royal appearances. And after her recent romantic breakup, she needed some time to herself.
She tried to think of whom to message at the palace. Absolutely not her security team. They’d probably track her phone and catch up with her before her flight took off.
As for the king, he might understand. She was the youngest and he let her get away with more things than her other siblings. But her father didn’t carry his own phone.
And certainly not the queen, as they weren’t that close. While her father would indulge Cecelia, her mother was strict and expected protocols to be followed at all times. Her eldest sister, Gisella, was a lot like their mother. Duty first and everything else, including family, a distant second.
And that left her middle sister, Beatrix. She was closest to her middle sister. Beatrix was a born peacemaker. And over the years, the four royal heirs had needed someone to help keep the peace. Hopefully her sister would help her out.
Hey. Can you do me a favor?
Almost immediately there was a reply from Beatrix.
What do you need?
Tonight at dinner can you tell Mother and Father that I went on holiday?
I just need a couple of weeks to get my head on straight.
You mean because of the breakup?
I understand. What about security?
I can take care of myself.
Sure you can. *eye-roll emoji*
I can!
Where does your security think you are?
At a friend’s.
You can’t keep doing this. Mother is going to flip out.
Don’t worry. In two weeks I’ll be back doing royal appearances.
She could already envision the frown on her sister’s face. Beatrix didn’t like to break the rules. Cecelia felt bad for putting her in this situation. When the time came, she’d pay her sister back.
Is there anything that will change your mind?
No. I need this. See you soon.
Be careful.