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Welcome to Whistle Stop…where anything can and most likely will happen.

The notorious cowboy meets his match…

Cord Lawson instantly distrusted the young woman in a smart suit who’d just arrived in Whistle Stop. She was very pretty and clearly a city girl—but with memories of his failed marriage still darkening his mind, he’s determined to steer clear! But she’s sniffing around his land—land that has been in his family for generations.

Alexis Greer had one mission—close the deal on the Lawson ranch; without it, her father’s land development company would go bankrupt. But the word around town is to keep clear of Cord and to stay away from his precious land. However, determination was Lexi’s middle name. She just had to keep on trying to breach Cord’s barriers, to appeal somehow to his head and heart—even if it put her in danger of losing both of hers…to him.

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“I was wondering if maybe I could repay your kindness by offering you dinner?”

Alexis couldn’t believe she’d just blurted out a dinner invitation to this sexy stranger. She’d written off men after Steven had lied and cheated on her. But then again, this invite was all about business and had absolutely nothing to do with the way his gaze made her stomach feel as though a dozen butterflies were fluttering around inside it.

The cowboy’s brow creased as he considered her offer. “No, thank you.”

“Come on. I just arrived in town, and I don’t know a soul here.” She once again flashed her most radiant smile, hoping to thaw his frosty exterior. If she couldn’t establish friendly terms with him, launching straight into her business proposal could constitute a monumental disaster. “Besides, there’s something I’d like to run past you.”

He shook his head. “You can’t take no for an answer, can you?”

“Not when saying yes can be so easy.”

His warm brown eyes deepened to a shade of dark chocolate, alerting her to the fact that she’d once again chosen the wrong words. “Are you implying I’m easy, Ms.—”

“Greer. Alexis Greer.” She extended her hand to shake his, but when he didn’t move, she lowered it back to her side. Not about to let his rebuff unnerve her, she lifted her chin and spoke with what she hoped was a confident voice. “And I wasn’t implying anything.”

He arched a disbelieving brow.

“Can we start over?”

Why was he being so difficult? Was he always so distrusting? There had to be a way to get on his good side. “Join me for a friendly dinner. My treat.”

“There’s no need to start over, as I doubt we’ll ever meet again. As for dinner, I can’t. I’m not available.” His matter-of-fact tone left no room for persuasion. Without giving her a chance to say another word, Cord turned and strode up the sidewalk past the handful of quaint shops with colorful awnings.

What was up with him? Her shoulders slumped. She’d certainly blown that encounter. Was this a sign of things to come? Was she on the verge of messing up the entire deal?

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