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ROYAL: Bite-sized sweet royal romance reads

A glittering collection of 25 brand new romance novellas, all written with royal flair! This anthology includes stories by USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors, as well as the writer of the smash Netflix hit A Christmas Prince!

Forward by Katharine McGee, author of the New York Times bestselling American Royals series

Grace Kelly Movie Night by Teri Wilson

Resisting the Royal Bodyguard by Donna Alward

His Cinderella Princess by Kali Anthony

A Royal Love Song by Christi Barth

The Dude Ranch Duke by Caro Carson

Heir B and B by Cassidy Carter

One Summer in London by Kristin Contino

A Right Royal Rivalry by Alice Dolman

Man of the (Royal) Match by Aven Ellis

What Makes You Beautiful by Lindsay Emory

By Order of the Crown by Marianne Evans

A Rose So Royal by Jennifer Faye

The Royal Takeover by Nicole Flockton

The Runaway Princess Bride by Shirley Jump

Royal on the Ranch by Makenna Lee

Wrapped Up Royally by Janice Lynn

No Strings Attached by Jacquelyn Middleton

Conflict at the Castle by Carol Moncado

Royally in Love by Robyn Neeley

A Royal Getaway by Annie Rains

Royal in a Small Town by Susan Sands

Royal Extra After by Karen Schaler

A Royal Holiday Wish by Lizzie Shane

A Deal with a Prince by Toni Shiloh

Love Takes Flight by Roe Valentine

HEAT LEVEL: One Cupcake Clean & Wholesome

Read an Excerpt


Manhattan Botanical Gardens 

New York, New York 


Their Royal Highnesses,

the King and Queen of the Isle of Rogue,

request the pleasure of the company of

Dr. Jasmine Clark, PhD,

at a dinner at Kirkran Palace

June twelfth at seven o’clock.


On a sunny spring day in New York, Dr. Jasmine Clark, PhD, stood in her laboratory and stared at the invitation in her hand. It was printed on heavy creamy cardstock with raised print surrounded by pearl-colored roses. Her heart pounded with excitement, and a squeal of excitement rose in the back of her throat.

“What’s going on?” Gina Mulroney asked as she entered the lab.

Jasmine spun around. “I won!” She watched as her friend’s eyes widened, and then Jasmine said, “I can’t believe it. I really won.”

Gina paused as though to let the words sink in. “Your rose?”

Jasmine nodded. “It was selected to be the official rose of the Isle of Rogue.”

It was so hard to believe this was real. Not only was she an invited guest at the palace, but also she’d won the prestigious honor of having her new breed of rose selected to represent the kingdom: the Enchanted Rose. The burgundy flower was colossal in size, practically twice the size of a traditional rose, and held its petals twice as long as other roses.

“That’s amazing.” Gina rushed over to give her a hug. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

“All I did was water your plants.”

“You did more than that. You kept me going when I wanted to quit. And now I’ve been invited to the palace on the Isle of Rogue. Can you believe it?”

“Of course, I can. You worked so hard to cultivate the perfect rose to submit to the royal rose search.” Gina, her dependable lab assistant and best friend, smiled at her.

Jasmine adjusted her black-framed glasses. “I honestly never thought this would happen. I really won. I can’t believe King Alcott chose my Enchanted Rose to represent his country out of all the roses submitted from around the world.” The enormity of the honor made her knees go weak. She sank down onto a stool at her work station.

This prestigious award would open so many doors for her. She could take a professor position at a university. Or she could move into the private sector. The options would be boundless.

“Well, believe it.” Gina lifted the large cardboard envelope from the countertop and peered inside it. “Who’s going to be your date for the event?”

Gina knew very well Jasmine didn’t have a boyfriend. The last guy she had been crazy about had dumped her little more than a year ago. After a month of dating, it had ended without warning—without so much as an angry word between them. Alex had simply sent her a text message—the words had shattered her heart.

She’d never heard from him again. So much for thinking he’d cared for her as much as she’d cared for him.

Since then, she’d focused her time on completing her doctorate in horticulture and now doing her postdoctoral work at the Manhattan Botanical Garden. That wasn’t to say she’d been a hermit all of that time. She’d had a few dates, but for one reason or another, they never made it past date number two.